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Del Norte DistrictDel Norte Roundtable

Del Norte Roundtable - 2015


Roundtable serves a vital function in providing the necessary
programs and information for the unit leader.  Each month
focuses on at least one major activity or program.  Information
is shared and invaluable material is distributed.

Del Norte Roundtable is held on the first Thursday of each month at the Atascadero Lake Pavillion Scout Hall, from 7 to 8 P.M.

It is suggested that all units have at least one representitive come to hear the latest and greatest information, so they can pass it on to the unit.  


  • August Topic -  

Cub Scout Side: Family camps, fall recruitment, popcorn season

Boy Scout Side: Summer Camp, service hours and logging

  • September Topic-

Recharter Information/ Roster hand out/ Training hand out

Recruiting process

New program materials 

  • October topics-

Recharter hand outs

New council policies on training

Questions and Answers

Bring Lap top's 

  • November Topic-

Finish recharters and Q&A

Entering service hours

JTE discussion

  • December Topic-

Complete and turn in reamining recharters

Camping reports to turn in

Merry Christmas!






For more information about the Del Norte Roundtable meetings, please contact:
Roundtable Chairman, District Commissioner

Bob Putney at bobanddaun@sbcglobal.net.