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I want to thank all the Scouts and their parents who participated in the inaugural Camp Card Sales Campaign for the Council. Your efforts and enthusiasm made this new endeavor a smashing success. Our objective was to empower Scouts and Units with a fundraising opportunity with little or no overhead that would be mutually rewarding to all.  I hope all of you benefited from this opportunity and are doing great things with the money you earned. Every sale also contributed to the Council’s goals and our ability to provide the best Scouting experience ever.  A special thanks to District Executive Paul Bradley, for his leadership, planning and execution of this new fundraiser.

Please join me in congratulating the Camp Card Prize recipients listed below for 2017. These Scouts did a great job of selling. Each weekly recipient was selected from the ‘’I Sold 25’’ winners that were turned in weekly by the Unit Camp Card Coordinators.  

All prizes have been distributed to the respective offices for distribution. Please contact your District Executive to arrange delivery of your prizes. We also welcome your suggestions and ideas to make it even better.

As a Council, these Scouts, and hundreds more across Los Padres Council, helped to make the Camp Card a successful campaign. We hope to see all Scouts participating with this fundraiser next year.

Yours in Scouting,

Dave Brown
Council Development VP

Winners of the 2017 Camp Card Sales Competition:

Weekly Winners

  1. Wyatt Lomino, P 111, DN, $ 25 gift card to Target.
  2. Grayson Snodgrass, T 324, LO, $ 25 gift card to Target
  3. Seth Roldan, T176, DN, $ 25 gift card to Target.
  4. Connor Gates, T 4, SC, $25 gift card to Target
  5. Alex Ekegren, P 214, CR, $ 25 gift card to Target.
  6. Campbell O’Lary, T 51, DN, 1 Ravine Waterpark Admission
  7. Gabe Limotta, T42, CAC, $25 gift card to Target
  8. Lucas Sharpiro-Jones, P 92, DN, 1 Ravine Waterpark Admission
  9. Zachary Liljenquist, T 46, CAC, $25 gift card to Target
  10. Jonah Mosher, P 31, CR, $ 25 gift card to Target.
  11. Gage Chaney, T 60, DN, $ 25 gift card to Target
  12. Alec Mahar, T 308, CR, $ 25 gift card to Target.


  1. Top Sellers Awards
  • Brendan Mendoza, T 60, DN, $ 50 gift card to Wal-Mart
  • Grant Komm, T 60, DN, $ 50 gift card to Target
  • Ryan Dostalek, T 308, CR, 2 admission tickets to Boomers

Grand Prize

  • Joe Cooper, T123, DN, RCA Voyager III Tablet