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Does your unit have Scouts with autism?  Many units do, and, at times, leaders are at a loss on how to handle these Scouts. We recently received this letter from a Scouter in Oklahoma who put together a website to assist Scout leaders facing this problem. This leader has an autistic son in Scouts, and speaks from this knowledge. Our Council Exececutive and Program Director have reviewed the material and asked that it be posted so that others might benefit from the insights. Although this is a non-official BSA website, it can be used in conjuction with official BSA Publication 34059, Scouting with Youth with Disabilities Manual (2007 printing), available by special order from your local Scout store.



I am an Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 1 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As part of my Woodbadge Ticket I created a website with information pertaining to Autism and the Boy Scouts of America. The site is designed to give parents of autistic children information about the BSA and it's possible benefit for their child and to give Scout leaders some information about autism so they can better help any autistic scouts in their unit.

I was wondering if you could place a link to this page on your website or otherwise distribute the link to unit's in your council.

The page url is:

Yours in Scouting
Scott Stapleton
Troop 1 Tulsa, Indian Nations Council
Woodbadge SR-1014 (Go OWLS!)