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Aquatic Adventure Award

  Aquatic Adventure AwardRequirements:

  1. Any type of craft may be used so long as it is safe and complies with all state and federal laws.
  2. Each aquatic adventure shall be at least four (4) days on water using an appropriate craft. All equipment shall be carried in the craft daily, the unit breaking and setting a fresh camp daily.
  3. Comply with the General Requirements.
  4. Each participant must be able to:
    1. swim 100 yards,
    2. perform mouth to mouth resuscitation,
    3. perform J-stroke,
    4. sweep stroke,
    5. backwater stroke,
    6. draw stroke,
    7. rudder stroke – both bow, crossbow and stern.
    8. Demonstrate how to trim craft, swamp and bring swamped craft to shore.
    9. Perform exchanging places in craft. 
    10. Perform exiting and entering craft in deep water.
  5. Study Canoe Merit Badge Book and follow safety rules and requirements.