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San Luis Obispo
Historic Trail Award
(Boy Scout and Venturer)

San Luis Obispo Historic Trails AwardThis Award has been approved by the National BSA as an approved Historic Trails Award.

The Historic Trail, sponsored by the los Padres Council, BSA, was initiated in 1990. The trail is designated to present to its participants the historical significance and natural beauty of the San Luis Obispo County area. The trail is divided into two primary sites: SAN LUIS OBISPO and SAN MIGUEL – approximately 40 miles apart. The San Luis Obispo walk is the Path of History with 19 points of interest. The San Miguel tour includes the San Miguel Mission and the Rios-Caledonia Adobe. The trail is suitable for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Venturers. The award is open to all registered members of the Boy Scouts of America.



  1. Boy Scouts and Venturers must complete both the San Luis Obispo “Path” and the San Miguel Tour plus read one book from the suggested reading list.
  2. A planned 14-mile backpack tour with overnight stay in Camp Roberts-San Miguel is available to Boy Scout and Venturer units.
  3. Obtain Stamp/Credential at each mission visited.
  4. The trail can be completed in one day. However, Boy Scout and Venturers might want to camp overnight at one of many campgrounds available in the county. (Make reservations in advance through the proper agency.)
  5. A Local or National Tour Permit should be obtained. Two adults must accompany each unit; at least one adult must be a registered Scout. The maximum group size is 16 scouts. All Scouts should wear the official Scout uniform.
  6. A Patch and/or Medal is available to those completing the trail. A Silver Belt attachment is available to participants completing the 14-mile backpack in Camp Roberts-San Miguel.

While on the trail each unit is expected to obey the pedestrian safety rules as well as the point of the Scout Law “A Scout is Courteous”.  Each group must see that it has training in hiking safety and first aid. No participant may hike the trail as an individual. The sponsor of the trail will not be responsible for any accidents which may occur during the course of the trail. Each group is responsible for its own safety and discipline as well as obeying pedestrian and traffic safety rules. Church services, restaurants, and food supplies are available in San Luis Obispo, San Miguel, and surrounding communities. For emergencies, call 911. Write to the Los Padres Council Office for maps and additional information.