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Sierra Nevada Mountain Backpack Award 

Sierra Nevada Backpacker PatchThis award was established in Los Padres Council some years ago by the efforts of Commander Sheppard Lee and Mr. George Guntermann. The purpose of this award is to encourage Scouts to experience a High Adventure by camping and backpacking in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.


  1. Backpack at least seven (7) miles in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
  2. During your backpacking mileage, climb at least 2000 feet in elevation gain.
  3. Camp out at least one (1) night in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Note: It is suggested that if some of your Scouts achieve the award two or more times, instead of purchasing a second patch, a Scout service star with the correct numeral thereon, be purchased and pinned in the lower left corner of a previously awarded Sierra Nevada Backpacker patch.