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DARE and Second Class Requirement 9A

As you may be aware many Police and Sheriff's Departments have done away with DARE programs at local schools because of the current fiscal crisis in government.  Many Troops have relied upon DARE to provide the necessary program to meet Requirement 9A for second class.  Unit leaders (both adult and scout) should make plans to provide this information at a Scout meeting. 

During our two sessions at Rancho Alegre Summer Camp, I was able to query some of the newer Scouts about DARE programs in their community, and found that these were no longer offered.  We did not have a module built into our curriculum to offer this information this year.  We only reach a small segment of our total Scout population at summer camp.  Therefore it is imperative that units pick up the ball and offer the necessary program in modules to address drug, alcohol. tobacco, and other forms of abuse to fulfill the requirements.

Wayne Rascati
Program Director
Rancho Alegre Summer Camp