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All of us are committed to providing a FUN and safe experience for the youth in Scouting - have you ever thought about your local unit meeting room - does it really "measure up"

The beginning of a new Scouting year is a great time to do a Meeting Place Inspection

The link below is to a handy form from BSA National that can assist each and every Unit in providing a safe environment for meetings - you might also consider contacting your local Fire Department or the County Environmental Health Department (781 5454) for assistance.

Some items on the form that are of special importance -----

  • EXITS - this is a common area of concern in any public occupancy - can everyone get out, all the time? Are any blocked ? LOCKED ? What happens once you are outside - are the stairs, etc. safe?
  • EXTENSION CORDS - they are ONLY for temporary use - never to be fastened to the building, passed through walls, doors, etc.
  • FIRE EXTINGUISHERS - are they handy (normally near a door on the way out), visible, and charged ?
  • FIRE DRILLS - when is the last time your Unit held one ?
  • CURTAINS - although not on the form, any curtain on a "stage or platform" must be made of fire retardant material and have a State Fire Marshal certificate.

Here's to SAFE and FUN Scouting!

George Brown,
Camino Real Training Chair,
LPC Risk Management Chair

To download a BSA form that assists in reviewing your meeting site for safety, click on the link below: