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South Coast DistrictPinewood Derby

Welcome to the 2018 Pinewood Derby

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We Encourage You to Purchase Pinewood Derby Supplies from Our Trading Post to Support Our Local Council. In Case You Need More Supplies or Need to Plan on What You Need. Check Out This Link!!


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The 2018 Pinewood Derby will be held in March. Before then we ask your pack and troop leader to please send a CSV file (simply an Excel document tagged csv) with all members of your Pack who will be participating in the race.  Including, First Name, Last Name, Rank (Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos or Arrow of Light) and the car number.  Please send this to Jeff Seawards starting before March 5th, and cc' Bob Dutcher at

Volunteer Help is Needed to Put on the 2018 Pinewood Derby!

The South Coast District is looking for help with the 2018 District Pinewood Derby. The link below will take you to a sign up list. We are looking for help with registration, food, emcee, helping run the race, and a few other things.




If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, please e-mail: Carlos Cortez

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