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2017 Friends of Scouting CampaignWhittier Fire Camp Restoration Fund

Friends of Scouting 2012 Campaign

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“Become a Friend of Scouting”

“Prepared. For Life.”

Each year, our Scout parents, leaders and community friends are asked to support some of the hidden costs of Scouting.  The Los Padres Council, which serves more than 9,000 youth and adults within San Luis and Santa Barbara counties, provides numerous benefits and annually spends in excess of $150 per youth to provide the Scouting program.

Friends of Scouting (brochure attached) provides for our Scouts and to numerous others. Our goal this year is to have 100% of our Cub Scout packs, Boy Scout troops, Varsity teams, and Venture crews to hold a Friends of Scouting presentation. Each units full participation will guarantee that our Scouts and the thousands other Scouts across the Central Coast will receive the Scouting program in 2012.

Please contact your local council service center to schedule your Friends of Scouting (FOS) presentation today.

Suggested Levels of Giving:


  • $5,000 - Benefactor Level (Plaque, 'Prepared for Life' Patch, Car Magnet, Decal)
  • $2,500 - Sponsor Level  (Plaque, 'Prepared for Life' Patch, Car Magnet, Decal)
  • $1,000 - Guardian Level  (Portfolio, 'Prepared for Life' Patch, Car Magnet, Decal)
  • $600 - Patrol Level  (Clip Board, 'Prepared for Life' Patch, Car Magnet, Decal)
  • $300 - Buddy System Level  [Two Scouts for One Year]
    (Buddy Key Tag Chain, 'Prepared for Life' Patch, Car Magnet, Decal)
  • $150 - Scout Sponsor  [One Scout for One Year] ('Prepared for Life' Patch, Car Magnet, Decal)
  • $102 - Supporter  (Car Magnet, Decal)

Thank you for your consideration to donating to the Los Padres Council.

Achieving Our Goal:

As of December, 2012, here is the status of the individual Districts contribution to the 2012 FOS Campaign:

  • Cachuma: $19,956 – 66%
  • Camino Real: $28,059 – 48%
  • Del Norte: $23,701 – 74%
  • Live Oak: $23,440 – 43%
  • South Coast: $75,105 – 75%
  • Board/Major Gifts: $18,000 – 18%
  • Direct Mail - $19,415 - 32%
  • Total: $207,676 – 47 %