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District Operations & Commissioner Cabinet Meetings

District Operations & Commissioner Cabinet Meetings
908 East Sierra Madre (Santa Maria LDS Center)
Santa Maria, CA 93454, US
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Greetings All,

It's been a crazy start to 2018, and we're trying not to waste time. I'd like to hold a District Ops Meeting on Thursday, April 26. Would you like to do that too? I have reserved our usual spot, and will gladly hold a general meeting that could be tele-conferenced to anyone that doesn't want to travel to Santa Maria. Is that something you would like? I don't know how to tele-conference the break out sessions, but I'll leave that to those that hold those sessions to tell us if they are going to hold break outs.

Is there anything you would like on the agenda for this night?

The Council calendar shows our next one in June, I think an April date would then allow us to get back on that schedule. Please let me know if you'd like to attend, if you would rather not, or if you think telephones were made to be used and want to cover things that way. We'll support whatever you come up with.

Thanks for all you do, and we'll catch up down the trail.