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South Coast DistrictScouting for Food


Scouting for Food

Food Bank Logo2018:  Pick-up is March 17; drop off of bags will occur the week prior.




To download the Food Bank logo for inclusion on your distribution flier, click here.

2014:  Congratulations to Troop 105 who not only had the most poundage of food per registered youth in the unit, but also had the greatest overall amount of food collected

2013: Congratulations to Troop 105, Troop 122, Troop 2 which were our three prize winners in this year's Scouting for Food Drive. A total 16,876 pounds of food was contributed to the Food Bank in the March 9th Drive. Last year 13,000 pounds was collected. Great job by all the participating units and Scouts. Check out the results on this web page.

Scouting for Food 2015

The South Coast District Scouting for Food Drive will take place on Saturday, March 17th. Bag drop off occurred during the week preceding.  Here are some handy guidelines for unit leaders:


  • All Scout Units should participateFood Bank Logo
  • Prize for the most food is averaged by the number of Scouts on the Charter.
  • Unit is responsible for bags and flyers  (Have fun!!)
  • Full Scout uniform is a must at all times during the event.
  • Be matter what


  • Adequate supervision is a must! (Cubs are direct supervision and Scouts may be indirect)
  • Scout never at any time enters a home for ANY reason
  • Scouts need to be in groups of two or more
  • Please stay off lawns, bushes, flowers, etc.
  • Cross at corners only.
  • Meet up at every corner and cross together.
  • Have a designated meeting time and place at the beginning and end.
  • Know where Scouts are at all times.
  • Have Scouts do same route, if possible, on delivery and pick-up
  • Observe all Youth Protection Guidelines.
  • Observe all safety requirements in the Guide to Safe Scouting, particularly those involving vehicle transport.
  • Unit Leader should have water and snacks available.

Bag Drop-off:

  • Place bags on doors or under corner of mats to avoid the wind.
  • Bags are for residences only.
  • Leave bags at doors only ... No mail boxes.
  • At apartments, if you can't get to the door move on.
  • Do not walk on or through bushes or on lawns.
  • It is recommended to place a flier in your bags to tell the people about Scouting, your unit, and about the Food Bank.
  • Write down where you have been

Bag Pick-up:

  • Have Scouts go to the same area as the drop-off.
  • Provide adequate adults and vehicles - more than drop-off.
  • Remember, the bags are heavy.
  • The best collectors knock on the doors or due the "shotgun" technique
  • Have donuts, snacks, water, etc...for motivation and energy
  • Santa Barbara Food Bank will be open especially for us on Saturday, March 17, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. Other arrangements can be made if you call.  Snacks will be provided at the Food Bank!


  • Call Max Haws (cell phone is 698-3723)

Scouting for Food Results - 2013

It's time for our Community to see us shine!

One of our best years!!!

Results of 2013 Scouting for Food
Unit Pounds Pounds per Scout  
Troop 2 598 99.7 Third Place
Troop 4 653 23.3  
Pack 11 2104 70.1  
Pack 21 449 25.0  
Pack 26 80 2.8  
Troop 26 2281 58.5  
Pack 30 644 24.8  
Pack 36 847 18.0  
Troop 36 236 18.2  
Troop 37 1324 82.8  
Troops 50 and 33 1309 39.7  
Troop 105 2367 139.2 First Place
Pack 122 1221 39.4  
Troop 122 970 107.8 Second Place
Pack and Troop 126 1793 59.8  
TOTALS 16,876    

The South Coast District Scouting for Food Drive& took place on Saturday, March 9th. Bag drop off occurred during the week preceding. 

Scouting for Food Results - 2012

Winners of the 2012 Scouting for Food Competition as announced at the District Camporee on April 21 by Chair Max Haws:

  • Most food collected (total pounds) - 2,287 by Troop 105
  • Most food collected per registered Scout - 134 pounds per boy by Troop 105

Totals by unit participating:

  • Troop 105 - 2,287 pounds
  • Troop 26 - 2,082 pounds
  • Troop/Pack 126 - 1,769 pounds
  • Troop/Pack 50 - 1.376 pounds
  • Troop 4 - 1,358 pounds
  • Pack 26 - 768 pounds
  • Pack 30 - 670 pounds
  • Pack 122 - 643 pounds
  • Troop 37 - 597 pounds
  • Troop 2 - 596 pounds
  • Troop 36 - 532 [pimds
  • Pack 21 - 372 pounds
  • Pack 36 - 348 pounds
  • Troop 122 - 171 pounds


IN 2012 Scouting for Food Campaign, this District collected 13,569 lbs. of food donated!!!!!

Thanks to all the hardworking Scouts who made possible full shelves at the Food Bank at this critical time of year.



If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, please e-mail: Carlos Cortez

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