Los Padres Council is proud to announce that this year we will be celebrating our centennial! The Major Member Event recognizes leaders in our community who have helped build character and leadership in the youth of San Luis Obispo County.  This year’s event will recognize San Luis Obispo community leader Joe Ririe for his extraordinary community service and dedication to helping youth.

Of the over 7,000 young people who participate annually in programs provided by Los Padres Council, some will become your neighbor or employee, some will lead our country, and some will pass on the legacy of Scouting to the next generation; but all will make a positive impact on their communities.

On behalf of the Dinner Committee, we invite you to join us Wednesday, December 4th, 2019 at the Cliffs Resort in celebration of Los Padres Council’s 100thAnniversary.

You may make your commitment by emailing Erica.Mundell-McGilvray@Scouting.org or clicking the button below!