Cub Scout Leader Training

Cub ScoutsThe training program of the Boy Scouts of America provides this information and helps leaders become confident in carrying out their responsibilities. Each Scout leader’s job is different. This is the main reason why training leaders is so vital to the success of the program. Not only must they know how important their jobs are, but they must be acquainted with the methods used to attract and hold boys in Scouting.


Required training courses for all Cub Scout Leaders is now
available online at:

Courses include:

  1. Cubmaster & Asst. Cubmaster  Leader Position-Specific Training
  2. Den Leader Position-Specific Training
  3. Pack Committee Training
  4. Youth Protection
  5. Fast Start, and
  6. This Is Scouting

The courses have been updated to support the new Cub Scout Delivery Method rolled out in June 2015. Now, den leaders and assistants, Cubmasters and assistants, pack trainers, and pack committee chairs and members can learn the how-to’s for successfully conducting an engaging den and pack program and can become confident in the role each plays.

Online training is also available by clicking the link:

Once logged in, training courses can be found by selecting the Home button in the upper left corner, then My Dashboard in the menu list. It will default to the My Training section which was also enhanced providing 4 new tab selections:

  • YPT – displays the Youth Protection training courses available.
  • Training Center – displays the Scouting programs containing the training courses applicable to the specific program.
  • Requirements – displays training courses required to become position-trained for your current registered position(s).
  • Completions – displays training courses that were completed.

Additional Supplemental Classes conducted in a classroom and outdoor setting:

  • BALOOBasic Adult Leader Outdoor Orieintation.   Required for at least one adult leader to have for den/pack camp-outs. There is an ONLINE course which is a prerequisite to take the OUTDOOR Overnight Campout training session. Check with your district training chair for the next scheduled course.
  • OLS-WL – Outdoor Leader Skills for Webelos Leaders.  This hands-on course includes an overnight campout with experienced Scouters who demonstrate and allow you to practice the skills you need to enhance the outdoor activities for Webelos Scouts.  It is usually combined with the Boy Scout Leader course, IOLS, and you will receive credit for completing both.  Check the training tab for the next scheduled course.