Why Do Leaders Need Training?

Training shows new leaders how to do their jobs and allows for an interchange of ideas with more experienced leaders. Every Scout deserves qualified, trained leaders who will provide the best program possible, the way it is intended. Trained leaders ensure that the goals of Scouting are met. All Scout leaders need training to help them understand the aims and purposes of the Scouting program, to improve their ability to work with boys and other leaders, to learn Scouting skills, and to learn how to plan an effective Scouting program.

The Los Padres Council has a wide range of training opportunities available to help you develop as an adult Scout leader.

You start down the training path with Youth Protection Training which is required to register as an adult volunteer.  It must be renewed yearly and is available online.

Next are two Orientation Courses. Fast Start Training is a new leader’s first introduction to being a Scout leader. Fast Start is available online or on video tape.  Then there is This Is Scouting (online) for all leadership positions followed by Leader Position Specific that specializes in the program area you are a leader in and is required to re-charter with your unit.  Some positions which have outdoor camping such as Scoutmaster, Varsity Coach and Venture Advisor also have an additional  required course, Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills and Webelos Leaders who want to take their den camping must complete Outdoor Leader Skills for Webelos Leaders (OLS-WL).

For a complete chart of required training by position, click HERE.

Learning continues with Supplemental Training at monthly Roundtables and other courses such as Safe Swim Defense, Safety Afloat, Weather Hazards, and BALOO to name just a few.  Supplemental Training adds to a Scout leader’s knowledge base and helps bring new program ideas and skills back to the unit.

There is also Advanced Training available: Wood Badge, Powder Horn, Kodiak, and the Philmont Training Center offer more information to help you become an even better leader.