Los Padres Press April 2019

Rancho AlegreCouncil Executive Message

This is an exciting time in the BSA and Los Padres Council. I would first like to give you an update on the rebuild of Rancho Alegre and the reinstatement of Scouting activities and The Outdoor School. It has been 20 months since the Whittier fire rolled though Rancho Alegre causing significant damage to facilities, infrastructure, and nature. Since the fire various volunteers, named the Phoenix Committee, have been diligently working on the rebirth of Rancho Alegre as a new and exciting place as it rises from the ashes left by the fire in 2017.

We are excited to share that architectural plans have been approved, permits have been issued, contractors have been confirmed, and grading and construction will finally start. This will keep us on schedule to have our first group of students attend The Outdoor School at Rancho in early 2020 and to have selected Scouting activities as early as 2019.

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