Los Padres Press October 2023

Los Padres Press Newsletter – October 2023

Season’s greetings from Los Padres Council staff. As we get closer to the holidays, we hope
you all have a peaceful and loving holiday season with your friends and family. As we prepare
for 2024, we like to share a bit of our vision with you.

2024 will be bringing in a lot of exciting things for our council as we keep increasing the
number of kids and families in our program. Camp Rancho Alegre will be fully active starting
in March. Not only will The Outdoor School be back online but we will increase the amount of
scout activities at camp. Activities like merit badge weekends, family campouts, shooting sports
days, woodbadge, swimming activities, youth training, and much more. This has only been
possible due to the support from many people who care about our youth and supported the
rebuilding of the camp. While camp won’t be done, we will be operational as we aspire to have
much more than will be done by March.

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