Council Executive Message


Los Padres Council’s has impacted our youth for 100 years this year. This is a meaningful time to celebrate all that has been done by our Scouts to improve our community and world. 2019 has been a year of recommitment to our community and families as we prepared ourselves to launch into the next 100 years. With girls now fully vested into Scouting we now deliver our mission to thousands more as we serve the complete family unit.

December BSA PostWhile we are still working on the Rancho Alegre rebuild and Phoenix campaign, we plan to regroup to have an exceptional 2020 year for all our Scouts. In 2019 we were awarded a donation to stablish a new service center in San Luis Obispo, we are now set to open that center in January 2020 at 712 Fiero Suite 29, San Luis Obispo. Our districts committees were reorganized to better serve our units and families.

This only happened due to great volunteer leaders. Leaders like Andy Winchester and Joe Ririe who received the NESA Outstanding Eagle award 2019. They exemplify what we strive all our kids to become. There are many more of you that are due to be recognized for your sacrifices, I thank you for that sacrifice.

Thank you all for your ongoing commitment to our kids as we look forward to a land mark year in 2020.

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