Los Padres Press June 2020

The Spirit of Scouting During COVID-19

BSA Scouting

Pointing the Way in the Fog

The legend of the unknown Scouts set the platform for the way our Scouts would conduct themselves since 1910. In the BSA we prepare young people to be leaders and point the way when others find themselves in the fog.

Since March the entire world has been in the fog as we deal with COVID-19 and all the virus has caused to our way of life. Since them our normal operations came to a stop and we had to adapt to a new world. Camps have closed, units stop meeting, and for a while not program was delivered. Them our Scouts and leaders found a way through the fog to keep Scouting and stay connected.

​We Hiked the Trailed Less Used

Our Scouts planned service projects and good turns to deliver on while following shelter at home guidelines. To date we have an estimated 1,000 face shields constructed and donated to medical workers. Scouts have contributed food to local pantries, written letters to hospital workers, honored our fallen heroes, donated school materials to need kids in their school, and much more.

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