Los Padres Press October 2020

BSA Scouting

2020 Popcorn Sale! – We’re in this together!

Right now, we have 22 Packs and Troops out in our community participating in this year’s popcorn sale! Their sales are going very well! If you missed out on the sale but still need some additional funds to help fund your own unit program, it is not too late!

As you know Los Padres Council is here to help provide life changing programs, educational experiences, and unparalleled fun to the youth in our area. We salute you and the role that you play to that end as well! If your Unit has opted not to participate in this year’s Council offered Popcorn Campaign, it is not too late, we can help your Scouts pay their way. We have a unique opportunity for you and your Scouts to participate that may change your opinion of what it takes to earn money for your Unit while also supporting your Council and other units who are members here with you…

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