Rancho Alegre Update

Rancho Alegre

Progress for the Rancho Alegre rebuild is moving at a good pace. Peter Lapidus, General Engineering Contractor and his crew have completed 13 building pads in advance of the building contractor. Upon approval of permits by Santa Barbara County a new sewage system will be installed (part of the new infrastructure) as a next step. Stantec Engineering has submitted the sewage plant designs to the county and is working thru the process for approval. Building Construction is pending as we wait to issue the building permits. The plans are about 95% complete as of this writing.

Frank Shipper Construction is ready to begin constructing the foundations as soon as the permits are issued. The Spring Water line along Tequepis Creek is being prepared for replacement. The Los Padres Council, BSA has contracted Blue-Tomorrow Environmental Collaborative Solutions to help us in filing for the necessary permits and to prepare a NEPA study. We plan to begin repair and replace of the water line in late summer early fall. Our partners from the Center for Employment Training, Santa Maria Center continue to help us cleanup after the fire with removal of dead trees, shrubs and help in fire protection around camp.

Thanks to CET for helping us to restore Rancho Alegre!

Glen Goddard, Program Director